Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Me, Myself , and I

Since moving to Indiana, I have been living in a single apartment alone. After living with some of the greatest huskymates ever, living alone isn't as great as it's made up to be. It probably is much better than living with my parents though, maybe. I know most people would hate it because of the restrictions but my parents let my siblings and I do anything, even make tons of noise in the early mornings (Mostly from Mario Kart and various games).

There are things about living alone that I had to get over. Maybe it was just college life but having someone to talk to in the same room or one room over was amazing. It just great to just chill and have a beer with great friends, even at 5 o'clock in the morning (but the conversation did not get boring). Just throwing a ball around the room is much more fun than you would think. I think anyone that has tried this knows how fun it is.

Another hassle about living as one is the cooking. Cooking for one is terrible because the cleaning has to be done by the same person. For me, I cook then eat then clean. Usually after cleaning, I'm hungry again. Having to cook a portion for one is tough too. Pre-made sides are usually made for two, frozen vegetable bags are usually made for two. It's seems like the food market is made to feed a family, what an outrageous concept. They need to cater to a single person like me! To be honest, I would rather cook and clean for two than one. At least I would get the gratification of feeding a friend and hopefully get a compliment on my cooking.  

But there are some benefits in living alone. The top and the most significant advantage of living alone is being able to walk around totally naked without having to worry a single thing. Then, having the refrigerator all to myself, after years of sharing with 3 other males, feels amazing but it is quite empty (I don't have much besides liquids, but I did have Popsicles). Going to the bathroom without the need to close the door is a pretty amazing feeling too. Then, not having roommates' messes and dirty dishes is nice too (It'll all be my mess! Which makes it okay to have.). I could decorate my apartment any way too but I did that in college too. Just look at my room from sophomore on the top of the post... (Sorry Dave)

But overall, I would prefer having a roommate(s). It would be the best time ever! But I know it's a individual preferences so if you disagree, it's okay.

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